Hearing Aid

What is a hearing aid? If you have difficulty hearing, a hearing aid may improve your quality of life. A hearing aid is a small electronic device that you wear in or behind your ear. It makes some sounds louder so that you can hear them better. There are different types of hearing aids, and … Read more


SPEECH AND LANGUAGE DISORDER IN CHILDREN Speech and language disorder are the basic categories that highlights the main issues of communication disorders, hearing, speech, language and fluency.  The Speech disorder is the difficulty in articulation of words, stuttering is the example of this order.   Articulation refers to the sounds and syllables. Many children face tempo … Read more

Special Education in Pakistan

Definition of Special Education A range of services known as special education are given to students who have unique learning requirements. Special education is described as “Specially planned instruction, at no cost to parents, to suit the unique requirements of a child with a disability” and is governed by federal law (the Individuals with Disabilities … Read more

Degree Programs in Special Education in Pakistan

Eligibility As described in the  Advertisement. The M. A Degree Programs in Special Education is planned to prepare teachers for children with special needs.Students besides that direct teaching will be promote d to carry action research and fulfil  literature review to acquire skilled plenty in survey of characteristics related educational needs of children who differ … Read more

Special Education In Pakistan

Since 1947, the development of special education in Pakistan has been describe by reference to government planning and policy papers as well as independent reports. The reason for providing special services is examine, along with data on government and non-profit special schools, in the context of persistently low national expenditure on education and health. Integration, … Read more