Virtual University Admission 2023 Last Date Fee Structure

Admissions to several ADP, BS, Diploma, and MPhil programmes for the autumn of 2023 have been announced by the virtual University of Pakistan. Pakistan’s virtual university is a public-sector institution. The virtual University of Pakistan is one of Pakistan’s leading universities for online education. Admissions to the Virtual University of VU Pakistan for the autumn of 2023 are now available. Admissions information is provided below.
The deadline for submitting an application to the Virtual University of Pakistan is September 30, 2023S wabi.The admission process for Virtual University in 2023 opens doors to a world of possibilities.

It encompasses essential elements such as admission criteria, application deadlines, and the fee structure. Understanding these components is vital for a successful application. Moreover, Virtual University often provides financial aid and scholarships to deserving candidates, making quality education more accessible.

Virtual University Admission 2023 Last Date:

The last date for Virtual University (VU) admissions in 2023 is a pivotal piece of information for prospective students. These deadlines are established to ensure a well-organized application process and to accommodate different applicant groups. Virtual University typically sets several deadlines, including early, regular, and sometimes late application deadlines. It’s crucial for applicants to regularly check the official Virtual University website or contact their admissions office for the most up-to-date information on these deadlines to ensure they don’t miss out on the opportunity to apply for their desired programs.

Virtual University Admission 2023 Last Date Fee Structure

Virtual University Admission 2023 Last Date Fee Structure

Virtual University Admission Portal:

The Virtual University Admission Portal is the online platform where prospective students submit their admission applications. It serves as an essential component of the university’s digital infrastructure, providing a user-friendly interface for applicants to complete the admission process remotely. Features of this portal often include user registration, program selection, document uploads, online fee payments, application tracking, and communication of important updates. Accessible through the official Virtual University website, the portal streamlines the application process and enhances the overall applicant experience. Admission 2023:

The official website of Virtual University,, is a central hub of information for prospective students seeking admission in 2023. This website offers comprehensive details about admissions, academic programs, faculty, and other essential university information. Prospective students can find admission announcements, criteria, and direct links to the Virtual University Admission Portal on the website. Additionally, contact information for the admissions office and information about fees and scholarships are readily available. Regular visits to are essential to staying informed about the latest developments in Virtual University admission process for 2023.

Virtual University Admission Criteria:

Admission criteria are fundamental guidelines that applicants must meet to be considered for enrollment in Virtual University in 2023. These criteria vary by program and serve to ensure that admitted students are well-suited for their chosen courses and can excel academically. Common factors include academic qualifications, entrance exams, English proficiency tests for international students, letters of recommendation, statements of purpose, interviews, and application fees. It’s imperative for prospective students to review program-specific admission criteria, which can be found on the Virtual University website or in the official admission prospectus. Meeting these criteria is essential for a successful application and enrollment in Virtual University in 2023.

VU Admission Fee Structure :

Understanding the Virtual University Admission Fee Structure is crucial for prospective students to effectively plan their educational expenses. This structure encompasses tuition fees, a one-time admission fee, course material fees, examination fees, and potentially other charges for services like library access or student ID cards. Additionally, Virtual University offers financial aid and scholarships to eligible students, easing the financial burden. Prospective students should carefully examine the fee structure specific to their chosen program, available on the Virtual University website or in official admission materials. This knowledge facilitates informed financial planning for a smooth and affordable educational journey.

Virtual University of Pakistan Admission 2023 Open Now :

Virtual University of Pakistan has officially initiated its admission process for 2023, signaling the commencement of the application period for aspiring students. To begin the application process, interested individuals should visit the official Virtual University website,, where they can access comprehensive information about available academic programs, detailed admission criteria, and a step-by-step guide on how to apply. Applicants should carefully review the specific admission requirements for their desired program to ensure eligibility. The application process usually involves completing an online application form through the Virtual University Admission Portal, where applicants upload required documents and make application fee payments as per the fee structure.

Keeping track of important dates, such as application deadlines, potential entrance exams, and interview schedules (if applicable), is crucial. Prospective students are encouraged to explore scholarship opportunities or financial aid options to support their educational pursuits. Maintaining open communication with the admissions office can also be helpful for updates or inquiries related to the application. With admissions now open, aspiring learners have the opportunity to embark on their academic journey at Virtual University in 2023 and pursue their educational and career goals.

Virtual University Programs

Virtual University BA, BSc Admissions

BA BS Software Engineering
BCom BS Business Administration
BSc Computer Science BS Public Administration
BSc Mathematics BSc Statistics
BS Accounting and Finance BSc Economics
BS Banking and Finance Associate Degree in Computer Networking
BS Computer Science Associate Degree in Database Management System
BS Commerce Associate Degree in Web Designing & Development
BS Marketing Bachelor in Business Information Technology (BBIT)
BS Information Technology BS Mass Communication
BS Management BS Psychology
BA Mass Communication BEd
BA Business Administration BEd Elementary
BA Psychology BS Bioinformatics
Associate Degree in Operations Management BEd Technical Education
Associate Degree in Sales and Marketing Associate Degree in Education
Associate Degree in Supply Chain Management Associate Degree in Accounting & Finance
BS Biotechnology Associate Degree in Islamic Banking
BS Economics Associate Degree in Human Resource Management
BS Sociology BS Mathematics

Virtual University MA, MSc, PGD, MBA Admissions

MS Zoology PGD in Accounting
MS Accounting and Finance PGD in Account & Finance
MS Banking and Finance PGD Applied Psychology
MS Business Economic PGD Banking & Finance
MCS Computer Science PGD in Business Administration
MIT Information Technology PGD in Computer Science
MS Commerce PGD in Education
MS Finance PGD in Intrapreneuship & SME Management
Master of Computer Science PGD in Finance
Master of Information Technology PGD in Human Resources & Management
Master of Business Studies PGD in Information Technology
Master of Public Administration PGD in Marketing management
Master of Business Economics PGD in Public Administration
MCom PGD in Television Production
Master of Accounting Post Graduate Diploma in Education
Master in Finance Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting
Master in Banking & Finance Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting & Finance
MSc Applied Psychology Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Finance
MSc Organizational Psychology Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
MS Business Administration Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship & SME Management
MS Computer Sciences Post Graduate Diploma in Finance
Master of Commerce Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
Master of Accounting & Finance Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management
Master of Business Administration Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration
MS Bioinformatics MEd
Master of Human Resource Management Master of Statistics
Master of Operations & Supply Chain Management Master of Mathematics
MBA Executive Master of Zoology
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

Virtual University MPhil Admissions

MS Biotechnology MS Molecular Biology
MS Genetics MS Computer Science
MS Zoology MS Business Administration
MPhil Education MS Bioinformatics

Virtual University Ph.D. Admissions

Ph.D. Computer Science


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