USAID Talent Hunt Program for Female Students

Everything You Should Know About the USAID Talent Hunt Program for Female Students

 USAID Talent Hunt Program for Female Students
USAID Talent Hunt Program for Female Students

Under its Talent Hunt Program, the United States Agency for International Development USAID in conjunction with the Higher Education Commission (HEC), has announced its admission exam preparatory programs for the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) 2022. (THP).

The project would provide impoverished female students with free short-term lessons to prepare them for entrance to Pakistan’s leading medical institutes. Intermediate Students’ Talent Hunt Program Talented female students who cannot afford admission test preparation programmes but want to enrol at top colleges in Pakistan are urged to apply to the Talent Hunt programme. All female students in Pakistan are eligible for this programme. Students from low-income households should apply to this programme if they want to attend Pakistan’s best engineering and medical schools.

USAID Talent Hunt Program( THP) – paycheck for Poor scholars

USAID’s Talent Hunt Program( THP) supports and prepares low- income womanish scholars who aspire to advanced education but can not apply to Pakistan’s stylish universities because they warrant the finances to pay for professional test medication.

By giving entry test medication courses for Pakistan’s medical, engineering, and general institutions to bright womanish scholars with exceptional Matriculation and FA/ FSc results, this design aims to invest in Pakistan’s women’s educational future.

Eligibility Criteria

The pupil must be a Pakistan/ AJ&K public
Must belong to a low- income family
Must have secured
80 or over in Intermediate( 1St time) in Engineering/ Medical/ Computer lores Group
70 or over in Intermediate( 1st time) in Social/ General Science/ Art & Humanities Group
Special preference will be given to womanish
scholars from pastoral/ less advanced sections of Pakistan
scholars with different capacities
How to Apply for USAID MNBSP 2022
Submit your operation through the website http// The published operation as well as any farther attestation that may be needed is also delivered to the university’s Financial Aid Office. Don’t shoot any documents to the HEC. services of Student Aid and Financial Aid at Universities

Process of Shortlisting
The operation will be scanned by the HEC Committee to determine the eligibility of the aspirant.
A merit list will be prepared grounded on academic records and requirements- grounded criteria defined under the program.
Offer letters will be issued to top campaigners depending upon the available places.
Program Coverage for Students
A mock test will be conducted after the introductory factory
The United States Agency for International Development( USAID) has committed to funding a education program for academically brilliant Pakistani scholars who are interested in pursuing advanced education but don’t have the fiscal means to do so.
To help Pakistan in adding its university registration and bringing it in line with transnational norms, USAID’s Merit and Needs- Grounded Scholarship Program( MNBSP) Phase- I has been awarding literacy to scholars who are academically blessed but come from families with limited fiscal coffers since 2004.
The first phase of the trouble had a total cost of$10.63 million and was carried out in 11 prestigious sodalities in Pakistan, both public and private. There were,907 available literacy for scholars interested in husbandry and business.


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