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The University Of Sindh E -Portal serves as an essential gateway to a dynamic digital ecosystem designed to enhance the academic experience and administrative processes for students, faculty, and staff. This sophisticated online platform embodies the university’s commitment to leveraging technology for efficient communication, seamless information dissemination, and personalized engagement.
Upon accessing the E-Portal, authorized users are welcomed into an integrated virtual environment that offers a multitude of services and resources at their fingertips. Students can conveniently access their academic records, view class schedules, retrieve course materials, and check examination results. This centralized hub fosters a streamlined approach to administrative tasks such as course registration, fee payments, and transcript requests.
Faculty members benefit from tools that facilitate course management, enabling them to upload assignments, share lecture materials, and communicate with students efficiently. Moreover, the E-Portal acts as a communication hub, disseminating important announcements, event notifications, and campus news to the university community.
By embracing the E-Portal, the University of Sindh underscores its commitment to harnessing technology to enrich the academic journey. It embodies accessibility and convenience, empowering users to engage with their educational pursuits and administrative responsibilities with ease. The E-Portal not only exemplifies the university’s dedication to modernization but also creates a digital space that bridges the gap between campus and cyberspace, fostering an environment where education and innovation harmoniously converge.

University Of Sindh E -Portal Admission 2023 Last Date

Topic University of Sindh E Portal Login Admission
Academic Year 2023-24
Programs Undergraduate & Postgraduate
Last Date of Online Registration 16th October 2023
Entry Test Date of Bachelor Programs 23rd, 30th October & 06th November 2023
LL.M Program Entry Test Date 27th November 2023
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University of Sindh Admission Apply Online Process

The University of Sindh has modernized its admission application procedure with the introduction of an online system, offering greater convenience to applicants. This user-friendly online process enables individuals to apply for their desired programs from the comfort of their homes. To guide you through the process, here’s a concise step-by-step overview:
Visit Official Website: Access the University of Sindh official website and locate the admissions section for comprehensive program details and application guidelines.
Create an Account: If you’re a first-time applicant, establish an account on the admission portal. Provide accurate personal information, contact details, and a valid email address.
Choose Your Program: Browse the list of available programs, ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria, and pick your preferred program.
Complete the Application Form: Furnish the online application form with precise details, including personal information, educational background, and program-specific requirements.
Upload Documents: Scan and upload essential documents such as transcripts, certificates, and identification papers. Ensure clarity and readability.
Pay Application Fee: Use the online payment gateway on the portal to submit the necessary application fee. Retain the payment receipt for reference.
Review and Finalize: Double-check all entered information and uploaded documents to ensure accuracy and completeness.
Submit Application: Once content, submit your application via the online portal. An email confirming your application details will be sent to you.

University Of Sindh E -Portal Login

University Of Sindh E Portal Login

University of Sindh Student Login E portal

To apply for Bachelor’s or Master’s programmes at Sindh University in 2023, first log in to the university’s e-portal. Make care you read the instructions before submitting the online admission form. You must upload your educational documents. Provide graduation certificates or certificates from your most recent qualification for Master’s programmes. Remember to include your Domicile/PRC and CNIC/Form B. A pre-entry test with a minimum score of 40% is required for BS programmes. If you are selected, please send a printed copy of your application form, original transcripts, and copies of documents to the Admissions Directorate at the University of Sindh in Jamshoro. Students can also access the Challan form using E-Portal Login.

Eligibility Criteria for the University of Sindh E -Portal Admission 2023

The admission standards for the University of Sindh in 2023 include particular academic requirements that applicants must satisfy in order to be eligible for enrolment. These requirements differ depending on the programme and degree of study. Prerequisites often include minimal educational credentials, grade point averages, and suitable subject backgrounds. Additionally, candidates may be required to meet specified age requirements or standardized test score requirements.

The admission committee of the University of Sindh analyses applications based on these criteria to guarantee a competitive and competent student body. As a result, prospective applicants are recommended to properly research and comprehend the program-specific eligibility restrictions before applying in order to maximise their chances of acceptance.

E-Portal Sindh University Result 2023 Date:

The E-Portal of the University of Sindh serves as a comprehensive platform for students to access various academic services, including checking their examination results. As for the results of the academic year 2023, the university is expected to announce them through the E-Portal. The specific date for the release of results might vary depending on the program and examination schedule. However, historically, the university tends to unveil results within a few weeks after the conclusion of exams. Students can log in to the E-Portal using their credentials, navigate to the results section, and view their individual performance as well as any corresponding details or grades. Admission 2023-24:

The official website of the University of Sindh,, plays a pivotal role in disseminating information about the admission process for the academic year 2023-24. This digital platform provides comprehensive details about the programs offered, eligibility criteria, application procedures, and important dates. Prospective applicants can explore the website to gain insights into their desired courses and understand the admission requirements. The site is regularly updated with accurate and timely information, guiding applicants through the entire admission journey and facilitating their engagement with the university’s offerings.

E-Portal Sindh Uni Merit List:

The E-Portal of the University of Sindh serves as a repository for critical information, including the publication of merit lists for various academic programs. Once the admissions process is complete, the university will release the merit lists through the E-Portal. These lists detail the names of candidates who have been selected for admission based on their academic achievements and performance in the entry tests, where applicable. Applicants can access the E-Portal, navigate to the merit list section, and search for their names to ascertain their acceptance into their chosen programs. The transparent publication of merit lists through the E-Portal underscores the university’s commitment to a fair and equitable admission process.

University of Sindh Offered Programs 2023-24

Bachelors Offered Programs

1. BE Electronic Engineering
2. Telecommunication Engineering 4-Year
3. BAH,
4. BCD,
5. BFA,
6. BTD 4-Year (8 Semester) Art History,
7. Communication Design,
8. Fine Arts and Textile Design.
9. Anthropology & Archaeology,
10. Arabic
11. Banking & Finance
12. Biochemistry
13. Biotechnology
14. Botany
15. Chemistry
16. Costal & Marine Science.
17. Commerce,
18. Comparative Religion
19. Computer Science
20. Criminology
21. Data Science
22. Development Communication
23. Disaster Management
24. Economics,
25. Economics & Finance
26. English Applied Linguistics
27. English Language & Literature
28. English Language Teacher Education
29. Environmental Science
30. Fresh Water Biology & Fisheries
31. Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examination
32. Gender Studies
33. General History
34. BS Genetics
35. Geography
36. Geology,
37. Hearth & Physical Education
38. Psychology, Information Technology
39. International Relations
40. Islamic Studie
41. Library & Information Science
42. Mathematics
43. Media & Communication Studies
44. Medical Laboratory Technology
45. Microbiology
46. Muslim History
47. Nutrition & Food Science,
48. Pakistan Studies, 4•Year (8 Semester) Persian,
49. Philosophy, Physiology,
50. Physics, Political Science,
51. Poultry Farming & Management,
52. Public Administration,
53. Public Health,
54. Rural Development Studies
55. Sindhi, Social Work, Sociology,
56. Software Engineering,
57. Statistics,
58. Urdu and Zoology
59. Evening Programs Banking & Finance
60. Chemistry
61. Commerce
62. Computer Science
63. Criminology
64. English Applied Linguistics
65. English Language & Literature
66. Information Technology
67. Media & Communication Studies
68. Medical Laboratory Technology
69. Physics, Public Administration
70. Software Engineering and Zoology

Postgraduate Offered programs

1. M.B.A (Hans) Business Administration 2-Year (4 Semester) Morning
2. M.B.A (Evening) Business Administration 2-Year (6 Semester) Evening
3 M.P.A * Public Administration 2-Year (4 Semester) Morning and Evening
M.Cm / M.C.S /M.A
5. Computer Science 2-Year (4 Semester) Morning
6. Development Studies,
7. Home Economics 2-Year (4 Semester) Morning
8. Criminology 2-Year (4 Semester) Evening
9. English Language & Literature 2-Year (4 Semester) Evening
10. Actuarial Sciences,
11. Biochemistry.
12. Biotechnology,
13. Botany.
14. Chemistry,
15. Computer Science,
16. Development Studies,
17. Environmental Science,
18. Fresh Water Biology & Fisheries,
19. Geography,
20. Home Economics,
21. 2-Year (4 Semester) Mathematics,
22. Physics,
23. Physiology,
24. Psychology,
25. Statistics and Zoology
26. Arabic,
27. Comparative Religion,
28. Economics,
29. English Applied Linguistics,
30. English Language & Literature,
31. M.A * Fine Arts,
32. General History,
33. International Relations,
34. Islamic Studies,
35. Mass Communication
36. Muslim History,
37. 2-Year (4 Semester) Pakistan Studies,
38. Persian.
39. Philosophy.
40. Political Science,
41. Psychology,
42. Public Policy,
43. Social Work, Sociology,
44. Sindhi,
45. Urdu and Women Development Studies
46. PGD (Digital Health)
47. BS (Information Technology
48. Software Engineering
49. Telecommunications
50. Electronics
51. Computer Science
52. Physiology
53. Biochemistry
54. MBBS
55. harm-D
56. Biomedical


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