MBBS in Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan

MBBS in Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan–  The MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) degree program is a highly competitive and prestigious program that leads to a career as a doctor or healthcare professional. In order to be eligible for admission to an MBBS program, students typically need to have completed their high school education and have obtained high grades in subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics. In many countries, students also need to take a standardized entrance exam, such as the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) in Pakistan, in order to be considered for admission to an MBBS program.

Eligibility Criteria for private MBBS admission

These are generally the basic eligibility requirements for admission to an MBBS program at a private medical college in Pakistan. It’s important to note that these requirements may vary from college to college, so it’s always a good idea to check with the specific institution you are interested in attending to confirm their specific admissions requirements. It’s also worth noting that meeting the minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission to an MBBS program. Many private medical colleges use a competitive admissions process, taking into account factors such as grades, test scores, and other achievements in order to select the most qualified applicants.

Private Medical Colleges offering MBBS

There are currently 75 private medical universities operating in Pakistan. A list of these private medical colleges can be found online or by contacting the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).


Private Medical Colleges

Region/ Province

1 Avicenna Medical College. Punjab
2 Abwa Medical College. Punjab
3 Al Aleem Medical College. Punjab
4 Amna Inayat Medical College. Punjab
5 Akhtar Saeed Medical and Dental College. Punjab
6 Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental College. Punjab
7 CMH Lahore Medical College. Punjab
8 Central Park Medical College. Punjab
9 FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry. Punjab
10 Fazaia Medical College. Punjab
11 Rashid Latif Medical College. Punjab
12 Shalamar Medical & Dental College. Punjab
13 Sharif Medical & Dental College. Punjab
14 Shifa College of Medicine. Punjab
15 Sialkot Medical College. Punjab
16 University Medical & Dental College. Punjab
17 University College of Medicine & Dentistry, UOL. Punjab
18 Lahore Medical & Dental College. Punjab
19 Rahbar Medical & Dental College. Punjab
20 Azra Naheed Medical College . Punjab
21 Bakhtawar Amin Medical & Dental College . Punjab
22 Bahawalpur Medical College. Punjab
23 HBS Medical & Dental College. Punjab
24 HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences. Punjab
25 Islamabad Medical & Dental College. Punjab
26 Independent Medical College. Punjab
27 Multan Medical & Dental College. Punjab
28 Niazi Medical & Dental College. Punjab
29 Rai Medical College. Punjab
30 Rawal Institute of Health Sciences. Punjab
31 Pak International Medical College. KPK
32 Abbottabad International Medical College. KPK
33 Peshawar Medical College. KPK
34 Swat Medical College. KPK
35 Women Medical College. KPK
36 Continental Medical College. KPK
37 Rehman Medical College. KPK
38 Aga Khan University Medical College. Sindh
39 Baqai Medical College. Sindh
40 Hamdard College of Medicine & Dentistry. Sindh
41 Bahria University Medical College. Sindh
42 Ziauddin Medical College. Sindh
43 Jinnah Medical & Dental College. Sindh
44 Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences. Sindh
45 Liaquat College of Medicine & Dentistry. Sindh
46 Suleman Roshan Medical College. Sindh
47 Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences. Blochistan
48 Mohiuddin Islamic Medical College. Blochistan
49 Al – Nafees Medical College Punjab
50 CMH Institute of Medical Sciences Punjab
51 CMH Kharian Medical College Punjab
52 CMH Multan Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS) Punjab
53 Foundation University Medical College Punjab
54 Islam Medical College Punjab
55 Islamic International Medical College Punjab
56 M. Islam Medical College Punjab
57 Sahara Medical College Punjab
58 Shahida Islam Medical College Punjab
59 Wah Medical College Punjab
60 Watim Medical College Punjab
61 Abu Umara Medical and Dental College Punjab
62 Pak Red Crescent Medical & Dental College Punjab
63 Al-Tibri Medical College Sindh
64 Faculty of Medicine & Allied Medical Sciences/Isra University Sindh
65 Indus Medical College Sindh
66 Liaquat National Medical College Sindh
67 Muhammad Medical College Sindh
68 Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences for Girls Sindh
69 United Medical & Dental College Sindh
70 Fazaia Ruth Pfao Medical College Sindh
71 Frontier Medical College KPK
72 Jinnah Medical College KPK
73 Kabir Medical College KPK
74 Northwest School of Medicine KPK
75 Muhammad College of Medicine KPK

1. Private Medical Colleges in Punjab

The following is a list of private medical colleges in Punjab, along with their specific merit lists, fee structures, and admissions information: [insert list here].

Avicenna Medical College.

The admissions process for the MBBS program at Avicenna Medical College for the 2022-23 academic session is now open. Students who are interested in applying can do so online.

Avicenna Medical College.

MBBS Tuition Fee at Avicenna Medical College:

The yearly tuition fee of MBBS at Avicenna Medical College for the session 2023 is mentioned in the table below.

Year Tuition Fee
First Year 1,624,750/-
Second Year 1,621,213/-
Third Year 1,692,425/-
Fourth Year 1,763,638/-
Fifth Year 1,834,850/-
Total 8,536,876/-

MBBS Merit List at Avicenna Medical College

The last academic session of 2021-22 saw the highest merit for MBBS at Avicenna Medical College is 92.30%.

Abwa Medical College.

MBBS admissions for the 2023 session at Abwa Medical College are now open. Applicants are instructed to submit their applications through the online admission portal on the college’s official website.

MBBS Tuition Fee at Abwa Medical College:

The tuition fees for the MBBS program at Abwa Medical College for the 2023 academic year are listed in the following table.”

Year Tution Fee
First Year 1,850,000 
Second Year 1,979,500 
Third Year 2,118,065 
Frourth Year 2,266,330 
Fifth Year 2,424,973
Total 10,638,867 

MBBS Merit List at Abwa Medical College:

The highest merit score achieved by an MBBS student at ABWA Medical College in the previous session was 91.5119%, and the cut-off for admissions was 75.7143%.”

Al-Aleem Medical College

Al Aleem Medical College offers students the chance to earn an MBBS degree with the guidance of experienced and well-qualified faculty. Admissions for the 2022-2023 academic year are currently open

MBBS Tuition Fee at Al Aleem Medical College:

Year Tuition Fee
First Year 1,642,000/-
Second Year 1,680,000/-
Third Year 1,764,000/-
Fourth Year 1,852,200/-
Fifth Year 1,944,810
Total 8,841,010/

MBBS Merit List at Al Aleem Medical College

The highest merit score achieved by an MBBS student at Al Aleem Medical College in the previous year was 93.9515%.”




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