International Islamic University IIU Jobs 2023

In 2023, the International Islamic University (IIU) offers a multitude of employment opportunities in Islamabad, Pakistan, blending academic excellence with Islamic values. Established in 1980, IIU has become a renowned institution committed to quality education. It seeks dedicated individuals who share its vision and values to join its ranks. Job roles span various domains, including faculty positions for educators, administrative roles for efficient operations, research positions for innovation, and support staff positions. Prospective applicants can explore IIU’s official website for the latest job listings, each providing details about responsibilities, qualifications, application procedures, and deadlines. IIU continues to uphold its legacy as a center of academic excellence while promoting Islamic principles, making it an appealing destination for those passionate about education and research in 2023.

International Islamic University IIU Islamabad Jobs 2023:

In 2023, the International Islamic University (IIU) in Islamabad, Pakistan, is expected to offer a range of employment opportunities across its various campuses and departments. As a renowned institution committed to both Islamic values and academic excellence, IIU frequently advertises job vacancies for positions such as faculty, administrative staff, and support roles.

Prospective applicants interested in pursuing careers with IIU should keep a watchful eye on the official IIU website and relevant job portals for the latest updates regarding these openings. Each job listing typically provides comprehensive information about the roles, including job descriptions, qualifications, application procedures, and deadlines.

International Islamic University IIU Jobs 2023

International Islamic University IIU Jobs 2023

IIU.EDU.PK Jobs 2023:

The IIU.EDU.PK Jobs 2023 refer specifically to employment opportunities advertised on the official website of the International Islamic University, which can be accessed at This website serves as the primary platform for disseminating information about job vacancies at IIU. Job seekers who are interested in these opportunities should regularly visit the university’s official website, where they can find job listings in the “Careers” or “Jobs” section.

These listings contain detailed information about available positions, including job responsibilities, required qualifications, application processes, and submission deadlines. To apply for a position, candidates must complete the online application form provided on the website and submit the required documents within the specified time frame.

International Islamic University IIU Jobs 2023 – Islamabad Campus:

The Islamabad Campus of the International Islamic University (IIU) is a significant academic institution offering a wide range of programs. In 2023, it is expected to announce job openings specific to its campus. These opportunities may encompass teaching positions, administrative roles, research positions, and support staff positions. Individuals interested in IIU Jobs 2023 at the Islamabad Campus should closely monitor the official IIU website and any dedicated campus-related sections.

Each job posting typically outlines the unique requirements and responsibilities associated with positions at the Islamabad Campus. Prospective applicants are encouraged to follow the specified application procedures and reach out to the HR department or designated contacts for inquiries. Networking with current or former IIU employees can also provide valuable insights into the application process and campus culture. By following these guidelines, individuals can enhance their prospects of securing employment at the International Islamic University’s Islamabad Campus in 2023.

 How to Apply International Islamic University IIU Jobs 2023 

Ph.D. Phil and Ph.D. The University’s website,, has detailed information on these positions, as well as the Eligibility Terms and Conditions and the application method. IIUI University is providing BPS 21 for Professor and BPS 20 for Assistant Professor positions. International Islamic University Islamabad IIU has published new job openings in both academic and non-academic fields.

Vacancies – Latest IIUI Jobs 2023

International Islamic University Islamabad IIUI has announced vacant opportunities for citizens of Pakistan. Candidates with Matric or Intermediate (FA/FSc or ISC), Bachelor’s, or Masters degrees are eligible to apply for the following positions:

  • Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Law Officer
  • Assistant Programmer
  • Assistant Network
  • System Administrator
  • Assistant Security Officer
  • Superintendent
  • Assistant Private Secretary
  • Assistant
  • Upper Division Clerk
  • Network System Technician
  • Lower Division Clerk
  • Caretaker
  • Sanitary Inspector

 Eligibilities for Latest IIUI Jobs 2023

To be eligible for the latest IIUI job vacancies in 2023, candidates must meet specific criteria set by the university for each position. Eligibility requirements can vary widely depending on the nature of the job. However, some common eligibility factors may include educational qualifications, work experience, age limits (if applicable), language proficiency, and any other job-specific skills or certifications. It is essential for applicants to carefully review the eligibility criteria outlined in each job posting on the IIUI website to ensure they meet the necessary qualifications before applying. Meeting these eligibility conditions is crucial for consideration in the selection process.

Department International Islamic University Islamabad IIUI.
Job type Government Job
Req. Education Matric, Intermediate (FA/ FSc/ ICS), Bachelor, Masters
Location Quota Pakistan (All Pakistan residents are eligible to apply)
Last Date to Apply 20 September 2023


International Islamic University IIU Jobs 2023 Eligibility Criteria 2023

The eligibility criteria for job positions at IIUI in 2023 are essential guidelines that applicants must satisfy to be considered for employment. These criteria may be customized for each job category to match the specific needs of the university. Common elements of eligibility criteria typically include:

  • Educational Qualifications: Depending on the position, candidates may need to hold a particular degree or certification. For academic roles, advanced degrees such as master’s or Ph.D. qualifications may be required.
  • Work Experience: Some positions may necessitate prior work experience, and the number of years required can vary.
  • Skills and Competencies: Candidates may be expected to possess specific skills or competencies relevant to the job, such as teaching skills, research abilities, technical proficiencies, or language fluency.
  • Age Limit (if applicable): Certain roles may have age restrictions or preferences, particularly academic positions.
  • Nationality and Work Authorization: The eligibility criteria may specify whether the position is open to Pakistani citizens only or if international candidates with appropriate work authorization are also eligible to apply.
  • Application Deadline: Adhering to the application deadline is crucial, as late submissions are typically not accepted.

IIU Jobs 2023 Departments

The following departments are hiring at the University:

  • Information Technology (Software)
  • Civil Works
  • Management Sciences and Finance
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Planning
  • Legal Cell
  • Security Cell
  • General Administration and Finance
  • Tafseer and Quranic Sciences
  • Economics
  • Aqeedah and Philosophy
  • Linguistics/Translational Studies
  • History
  • Education
  • Politics
  • International Relations
  • Media and Communication
  • Shariah
  • Law
  • Search and Islamic History
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Comparative Religion
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Urdu
  • English
  • Biological Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Dawah and Islamic Culture
  • Software Engineering
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Science
  • Bioinformatics
  • Quality Assurance and Development (QAD)

Positions for Non-Faculty

  • Assistant (BPS-15)
  • Assistant Security Officer (BPS-16)
  • Assistant Programmer (BPS-16)
  • Assistant Network/System Administrator (BPS-16)
  • Superintendent (BPS-16)
  • Assistant Private Secretary (BPS-16)
  • Stenotypist (BPS-14)
  • Network System Technician (BPS-11)
  • LDC (BPS-09)
  • Director (BPS-20)
  • Deputy Director (BPS-18)
  • UDC (BPS-11)
  • Assistant Director (BPS-17)
  • Caretaker (BPS-07)
  • Sanitary Inspector (BPS-07)
  • Law Officer (BPS-17)

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