Inter Admission Guide for Pakistani Students in 2022 

Inter Admission Guide for Pakistani Students in 2022

The intermediate level is regarded as the most critical stage in a student’s life since the path that he or she chooses at this point determines the student’s destiny. Students typically find it challenging to pick a proper job route for subsequent studies after successfully completing matriculation. As a result, offers thorough counselling to all students who have successfully completed their matriculations in order to aid them in selecting the finest possible subject of study.

Students seeking 1st year admissions 2022 require advice in deciding their future educational career path after completing the lengthy educational journey and attaining success in the yearly examinations as government and private schools publish inter part 1 admissions 2022. They are given a variety of educational field courses to choose from, such as Fsc pre-medical, Fsc engineering, ICS, ICom, and F.A.

Admissions to Colleges for the First Year in Detail

Lahore  City College Images
Lahore City College Images

My Edu Page  offers Matriculation students extensive information and support in selecting the best potential career choice. Students should take time to celebrate their annual test success because studying for ten years with complete concentration is a difficult task.

Choosing 1st-year admission 2022 in prominent institutions such as Government College Lahore, FC College admission 2022 for 1st year, Military College Murree admission 2022 for 1st year, Kinnaird College Lahore, and Kips College is every aspiring student’s ambition. Students who pass their yearly examinations must make an informed decision about their future education as this is the first step toward a bright future profession.

Procedure for Admission to the First Year in 2022

Students seeking first-year admission in 2022 must complete the following procedures in order to get admitted to their desired college or educational facility. All respective colleges have prescribed inter part 1 admission method 2022 and admission fee as prescribed by their respective federal and provincial boards like as Federal Board, Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, and so on.

Prospective students must take the following steps:

For intermediate entrance 2022, students must get a prospectus and admission form from their selected college branch for their different study options.
Students must submit a copy of their SSC result notification letter from their respective schools.
Students must fill out an admission form and submit it in person or online to their chosen college branch.
Before the required time, students must submit an entrance fee or deposit slip, together with a copy of the admission form, to their particular college branch or bank branches allocated by respective institutions.
Students must pass their individual colleges’ admission examination exams.
Students must successfully complete the college interview phase.

Students’ desired institutions will shortlist successful students on their merit list online or on their campus notice board.
Tuition costs must be paid in full or in instalments at the desired college branch.

1st Year Admission by City

Every year, practically all private and government-sector colleges promote intermediate admissions on their official websites, notice boards, and in newspapers following the announcement of the matriculation result, which is normally published in July. aims to make things easier for you. We collect all the necessary information and provide updates for your convenience. Examine the admissions guides for the major cities.

Students may learn more about first-year admission on

Lahore                  Islamabad                  Rawalpindi            Peshawar        Quetta  karachi                                               Faisalabad                 Gujranwala           Sargodaha

2022 Online Class 11 Admission Procedure

Prospective students can receive their chosen course admission forms by contacting their local college branch or educational establishment, or by applying for online admission 1st year over the internet. Students seeking intermediate admission have two options: submitting an admission application in person or submitting an entrance application online. Students seeking Inter Part 1 admissions in Lahore, Karachi, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Islamabad, and Quetta, among other cities, must follow the guidelines established by their individual intermediate boards and apply before the deadline for admission. Due to a variety of reasons, late admission form submission to the individual boards may be denied.

2022 1st Year Admission Form & Fee

After collecting admission forms or applying online, students must deposit their admission forms and fees, together with a college deposit slip, at the designated college or bank branch. Students may deposit a standard, double, or late fee in accordance with the criteria established by their individual education boards.

Admission Documents for the First Year

Prospective students must provide a set of needed documents with their admission form or deposit slip for their preferred educational programme, which includes the following.

Copy of Father/Guardian CNIC 

·Unattested passport size photo

·Copy of Student’s B.Form

·Copy of college fee deposit slip

·Copy of student result intimation

Courses/Groups at the Intermediate Level

At the intermediate level, there are several notable study fields provided by various private and public-sector colleges. Both the private and public sectors have established certain merit requirements for admission. Nevertheless, the private sector does not have any hard merit. Aside from these subjects, several institutes offer certificate and associate degree degrees.

These are the key areas in which students seek to specialise. Examine it out.

Certificates, Diplomas, and Major Degree Programmes

Medical     Engineering      Computer/IT          Commerce/ Business

Showbiz /Fashion               Arts/Designing

2022 Intermediate Entrance Admission Test

Prospective students seeking intermediate admission must pass the entrance exam required by the targeted institution or institute in order to be shortlisted for the intermediate programme.

The Student Admissions Interview

After passing the admission exam, prospective students will be brought in for brief interviews to assess their interests, general conduct, mental ability, and future academic goals.

The deadline for admission to the Intermediate Part 1 Study Program has passed.

Students seeking admission to an interpart 1 study programme can visit their individual board’s website to confirm their acceptance before the 1st year admission deadline in 2022, or contact official resources linked to similar educational boards for more explanation. You must apply before the FA private admissions deadline of 2022 and the FSc private admissions deadline of 2022.

Options for First-Year Admission Studies

Prospective first-year students will be relieved to learn that they may pick from a wide range of courses in all areas, including business, science, arts and humanities, and computer science, among others. The following are some of the most popular instructional programmes among Inter Part 1 students.

2022 FA, Part 1

Students interested in inter-admission 2022 will be highly familiar with the FA programme, which is one of the most frequent intermediate education programmes that is not especially focused on certain employment categories.

The FA programme is very flexible and beneficial for students because it allows them to study their desired optional subject courses in addition to compulsory courses such as fine arts, home economics, English literature, civics, economics, physical education, statistics, and the option of learning regional languages such as Persian and Punjabi. The FA programme is well-known among students who do not desire to pursue engineering or medical sectors, since it allows them to discover new areas of interest.

The first part of the FSc Pre Medical Intermediate

Students interested in science and pursuing FSc entrance 2022 will be familiar with the F.Sc Pre-Medical curriculum. This curriculum is designed for students who want to pursue a career in the medical, dental, or nursing fields. Several prestigious medical institutes, such as King Edward Medical College and Aga Khan Medical University, propose F.Sc pre-medical for prospective candidates.

Admission standards for F.Sc are rather stringent in respected universities, with some requiring 75% or higher in yearly examinations from prospective students.

Part 1 of the Intermediate FSc Pre Engineering

Students pursuing interpart 1 admission to prestigious universities will be familiar with the FSc pre-engineering course, which is aimed at students interested in pursuing a career in the engineering area in the future. F.Sc pre-engineering students can choose from a variety of engineering fields such as electrical, civil, mechanical, and others.

Students who pass their yearly scientific test can apply for admission to the F.Sc Pre-engineering programme. Top engineering institutions, such as the National University of Science and Technology Islamabad, the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, and the Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences Islamabad, have highly rigorous merit-based admissions policies.

Part 1 of ICS Intermediate

Computer science has emerged as one of the most demanding and popular professions in terms of job creation, and as a result, it is particularly popular among students aspiring to be software engineers, computer technicians, application developers, IT professionals, and so on. Students with a variety of curriculum options, including physics and statistics, can enrol in the ICS programme.

The ICS curriculum is quite popular among students nowadays since information technology has played a significant role in modern-day growth and transformation. The intermediate ICS curriculum has seven topics in total, three electives and four mandatory subjects.

Program: I.Com Intermediate Part 1

Students studying commerce are most familiar with the I.Com course since they are preparing for future careers in business, finance, or commerce-related fields. I.Com presents the fundamental standards and concepts pertaining to commerce.

Students seeking admission to I.Com should pick it since the qualifying standards are not extremely stringent and students from both fields, including arts and science, may easily gain entrance.

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