ETEA Roll Number Slip 2023 Online by CNIC

The ETEA (Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency) Roll Number Slip for the year 2023 is a significant document that holds paramount importance for students preparing to take ETEA examinations. ETEA is a renowned testing organization in Pakistan that conducts entry tests for various educational institutions, serving as a critical step in the admission process. The Roll Number Slip, a unique identifier, is a prerequisite for candidates to sit for these exams.
This document contains essential information such as the candidate’s name, photograph, roll number, examination venue, date, and instructions for the exam day. It acts as a gateway, permitting students to enter the examination hall and participate in the test. As such, the Roll Number Slip serves as both an admission ticket and an identification document, ensuring the integrity and security of the examination process.
Candidates eagerly await the issuance of their Roll Number Slips, as they signify the culmination of their preparation efforts and the initiation of the examination phase. The process of obtaining the Roll Number Slip often involves providing personal details and verifying eligibility criteria. In an era of digital convenience, these slips may also be available for download online, offering candidates an accessible way to obtain this crucial document.

ETEA Engineering Roll Number Slip 2023

The ETEA BSc Engineering and None Engineering admission test 2 will be held on August 6, 2023. You may get your roll number slip from The roll number slips for the ETEA Engineering Entrance Test (Test 2) will be posted here soon. ETEA Entrance Test-I for admission to Engineering Universities/Colleges in the Public/Private Sector in 2023. The official website now includes a list of candidates for the screening test (Roll No Slip) for various positions.

ETEA Roll Number Slip 2023 Online by CNIC

ETEA Roll Number Slip 2023 Online by CNIC

ETEA Police Constable Physical Test Slip

Police Constable Physical Test Phase 1 Roll Numbers Slips Have Been Distributed!! Physical examinations for the districts of Abbottabad, Mansehra, Batgram, Lower Kohistan, and Upper Kohistan will begin on August 12, 2023. Candidates from other districts who have applied for the Police Constable Test should begin studying for both the running and written exams.

ETEA Roll Number Slip 2023 Download Online By CNIC

ETEA administers ETEA tests for any position in the public or commercial sectors. The Roll No Slip has been announced by the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency ETEA.

ETEA Roll Number Slip 2023 Download

ETEA Test Rolls No. 2023-2023 are available for download here prior to the ETEA Test. Service Central de Testing ETEA Admission Test, ETEA Jobs Test. In the exam centres, no electronic devices, including smart watches, calculators, calculator watches, and scientific or mathematical tables, are permitted. The use of such mobile devices would result in the cancellation of paper tests and the blacklisting of such applicants in future ETEA exams.

How to Download ETEA Test Roll No Slip?

  • Visit the ETEA website (
  • Entering a CNIC in the search field and clicking the button will take you to the “Search by CNIC” page.
  • After entering your Roll Number in the search form, click the “Search by CNIC” button.
  • You’ll notice details like the exam date, time, and location on your slip.
  • Take no risks with your roll’s printing. Printing the Roll No Slip print is as simple as picking the print option and hitting (ctrl+p).

According to the ETEA, Roll No Slip 2023 will be distributed 7 to 10 days before the exam date. So, keep an eye on this page for updates. At all times, all candidates should keep their ETEA test roll no slip by name on them. Go to the ETEA official website,, and pick the option for the roll number slip.

ETEA Test Preparation Books pdf

ETEA test preparation books in PDF format offer valuable resources to help students excel in their exams. These books encompass a wide range of subjects and topics, tailored to the ETEA test syllabus. They provide comprehensive coverage of concepts, practice questions, and mock tests to aid effective learning.

Accessible digitally, these resources enable students to study conveniently on various devices. ETEA test preparation books in PDF facilitate self-paced learning, allowing students to review and reinforce their understanding at their own pace. They are particularly beneficial for those aiming to enhance their knowledge and performance, offering a flexible and accessible means of preparation. Roll Number Slip

In November 1998, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) government formed the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA). The ETEA Board of Governors, which governs the agency, is chaired by the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. ETEA KPK was established to administer admission examinations for engineering and medical institutions in the province as an alternative for international testing organisations.:


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ETEA Test Subjects Syllabus and Paper Pattern

The ETEA Test sample papers pattern syllabus/content weight ages provided by ETEA before to the test on their official website establish the ETEA’s true pattern. Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency is in charge of the testing. The exam is based on FSc and A level courses, which include disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry/Computer Science, Mathematics, and English. Roll Number Slip 2023

Please take note of the following facts, candidates: If you have any problems downloading the ETEA Test roll number Slip, please leave a comment in the box below. You can rely on us no matter what. This is a difficult test, and many students fail to qualify for it each year due to a lack of assistance. The test has a total of 200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs). 60 points for physics, 60 points for chemistry, 30 points for botany, 30 points for zoology, and 20 points for general English.

ETEA Test Dates Schedule 2023-23

The registration deadline has been set for August 24, 2023, according to ETEA. The registration period for the ETEA medical examination 2023 closed on September 7, 2023. The ETEA medical exam was scheduled for October 18, 2023. The KPK government, on the other hand, cancelled the ETEA medical test date schedule time table dates location entire information.


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