AIOU Announces 5th Semester For Associate Degree and BA/BSc Students

Allama Iqbal Open University  (AIOU) has announced the 5th semester for students pursuing an associate degree (AD) or a BA/BSc degree. They reached an agreement at a web-based discussion with AIOU’s regional director. According to the information, this unique session will allow students from the aforementioned programmes to enrol in the fifth term of any AIOU programme. Beginning in the spring semester of 2023, the programme will be implemented.

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AIOU BS 5th Semester Admission 2022

During the discussion, the VC recommended that regional directors stay focused on the main aim, which is to increase the number of individuals who read. He further mentioned that AIOU has recently increased the capacity of its regional office for this purpose. The VC was especially impressed by the efforts of Dr. Zia-ul-Qayyum, the previous VC of AIOU, and mentioned that he was instrumental in the establishment of regional campuses. The VC directed the regional head to devote special attention to educational quality. He stated that pupils must have access to all necessary resources in order to thrive in their academic endeavours. Admission 2022

It oversaw all of the organization’s operations, including tutor contact information, house locations, and workshop dates. It has published an AIOU Time Sheet 2022, which lists the courses in BA, BSC, and B.COM Part 1 and 2. BCS and BED students can read and download the date sheet for the spring and fall yearly examinations this semester online. This institution is the best in the world for higher learning or higher study; it is the most diversified university in Asia.

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AIOU Admission 2023 Last Date

If you want to receive an admissions or prospectus form for 2023, you’ll have to come here and get your application forms from the internet, as well as get an application form from the AIOU’s local office. When submitting your application, include all attested copies of educational papers and passport pictures, as well as a bank challan and an entrance fee receipt. These must be forwarded to the Allama Iqbal Open University admission office in Islamabad at the address shown below as of the most current date.

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) issues admission notices twice a year, for the fall and spring semesters. If you want to apply for entrance to the spring session in 2023, you must submit your application by March 4, 2023. You will have to wait six months for the spring session. Before the deadline of September 5th, you can apply for admission to the spring session 2023.

AIOU Fee Structure 2023

The AIOU fee structure for Matric, Masters, and Ph.D. programmes in 2023, including BA, MBA, BED 1.5 years, MA Islamiat, MPhil, MA Education, Masters, and MSc Mathematics, is shown below.

Aiou Matric Fee struture

AIOU Announces 5th Semester with associate degree

AIOU Masters Fee structure

AIOU Announces 5th Semester For Associate Degree and BA/BSc Students

How To Apply For AIOU Autumn Admission 2023?

(i) Prospectuses for all programmes are available on the University website; download them for eligibility information and further information. – Prospectus (PDF)

(ii) If you are interested in any of the programmes listed above, please visit the following page and complete an application.


(iii) The manual forms may be found here. (3) Manual forms for ADA ADC, BEd, and ADA in regional offices and sales points Download regional office and selling point information from the AIOU website. AIOU’s official webpage.

AIOU Results 2022

Discover your MA, BA, FA Matric, undergraduate, and postgraduate Allama Iqbal Open University Results in 2022. Following the controlled application by the institution, students can obtain their results and search for results by roll number. Students may view all AIOU results from current and previous years for all accessible programmes at the institution.

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